Monday, 9 June 2008

hooray for us!!

well, it's over - we ran the race for life yesterday, & now we're recovering! i'm recovering not only from the actual race itself (my legs hurt a little - & i have a huge blister on my instep - yuck!!) but from the shock of raising £1500 in sponsorship!! you're amazing - i can't believe it.
the race day was completely overwhelming - we didn't know it in the lead-up, but glasgow's event turned out to be the biggest one in the UK, with over 13000 people running/walking/whatever gets you through 5k. seeing so many people, with all their signs about the people they were doing it for, was a pretty emotional experience (whoever was taking pictures at the end got a really nice shot of me bursting into sobbing, gasping tears as i crossed the finish line - i'm impressed that i managed to hold it in till the end, but when it finally came out, it wasn't pretty!!).
& amazingly, i managed to run the whole way - it took 40 minutes, and we ran the whole time, without stopping to walk or rest at all!! in fact, i'm pretty sure we actually ran about 5.5k - the start was a little disorganised & we ended up behind a bunch of walkers, so we had to keep weaving in & out as we ran, and did the whole route in a sort of zig-zag pattern (which is probably why it took us 40 minutes instead of our usual 30-35). & the RSA was fantastic - not only did she manage to keep me calm(ish) before hand (i was pretty nervous, worried about not being able to finish, & freaked out at the huge crowds of people), but she kept me at a good pace through the 5k & didn't lose me in the crowds or let me get carried away by the faster runners.
all in all, i think we deserve this...

race for life reward!!
(don't worry, this is a post-race picture!)

i'll be drawing winners for all the prizes today, & contacting winners by email either this evening or tomorrow (as well as posting a winner's list here). thank you all so much for donating, & helping me make such a huge contribution to cancer research!!!


gilraen said...

Well done Lillith!!! You are a complete star!! :)

Twelfthknit said...

So, when are you doing your first half marathon?