Thursday, 29 May 2008

new prizes!!

there's been some more, very exciting, prizes added to the prize pool...

jennifer at know knits, home of the go knits pouch, has donated a fab prize of a set of three go knits pouches (one in each size - small 8"x6", medium 11"x8", large 13"x11").

go knits pouch

& molly at nerdclub2000 on etsy has donated two separate prizes, each for a set of gorgeous stitch markers that she will cutsom make for the winners! here's a pic of a sample set, & you can see more of her work in her shop.

nerdclub2000 stitch markers

i'll add these prizes to the growing list here - keep your donations coming for more chances to win some of this amazing stuff!!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

yay you!!!

a great big cheer for all of you.... my fundraising has now reached


thank you all so much - i'm speechless.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

team turtle


for those of you who know me (& even, probably, for those of you who don't!) it will come as no surprise to find out that i don't find running fun - i definitely feel good at what i'm achieving, but i'm not enjoying the act of running. in fact, i don't enjoy exercise in any form - i'm naturally fairly lethargic (which is just a nicer-sounding way of saying i'm lazy) & i absolutely loathe sweating. i might even go so far to compare running to hitting myself in the head with a hammer - because it feels so good when i stop!! maybe, someday, it'll be fun, but that day seems very far off.
one of the effects this has on my training is that i tend to run much faster than i should; i think that my subconscious is thinking "the faster i go, the sooner this will be over!", which, alas, isn't the case. & the faster i run, the more tired i get, which means that i'm not able to run for as long as i'll need to in order to finish the whole 5k. so on yesterday's run, the RSA (normally the Resident Sock Appreciator, but in this instance, also the Running Speed Advisor) was tasked with setting a slower pace.
and it's true what they say about "slow & steady". thanks to the frequent shouts of "slow down!!!" coming from my immediate left, you'll never guess what happened...

i ran for 30 minutes.

& it didn't end there - i stopped & stretched, & walked for a couple of minutes, then ran the rest of the way home (5 more minutes)...

for a total distance of 5k!!!!!!!!!!! (holy crap, eh? - go team turtle!!)

Sunday, 18 May 2008

battling on

it's been a struggle lately, & to be honest, i'm getting discouraged. it's not the fundraising - check out the total donations in the sidebar, it's amazing, & i'm absolutely astounded at just how generous everyone is being (& check out the prizes!)!! it's the running that's getting me down.
when i first started planning this whole thing, i had two goals - to raise as much money as i could for Cancer Research UK, and to complete the whole 5k of the Race for Life running (i'm using the loosest possible definition of the word "running", by the way!). at the time, i thought i knew just how big a challenge this would be. i'm not, & never have been, athletic in the slightest - i don't even run for a bus! - but i thought that if i built up to it gradually, i could manage to run the whole 5k by race day (8th june). but suddenly, i've only got three weeks to go, and i'm stuck.
for about the past three weeks, i've been stuck at twenty minutes. no matter what i try, or how determined i am, i can't seem to run for any longer than twenty minutes - and it's starting to get me down. every time i head out for a run, i'm convinced that this time, i'm going to make it - but every time i come back, it's after only being able to run for twenty minutes (or sometimes, even less) before having to stop. with the pace that i'm doing, twenty minutes works out to about 3k, so i'll probably need to be able to run for at least ten more minutes in order to finish the whole 5k - and at at the moment, it's looking impossible.
on one hand, i'm still impressed with my progress. just over three months ago, i was struggling to run for sixty seconds at a time, and now, most days, i can run for twenty minutes! it's a huge achievement for me, and sure, i should be proud of myself. but on the other hand, i'm really worried that i'm not going to meet my goal of running the whole 5k. and because i'm doing this whole thing in memory of my dad, there's a lot more invested in this than just trying to get fit - it's an emotional battle as much as a physical one some days. i remember how brave he was throughout his illness, and the incredible strength he showed - and i feel like i'm letting him down by not showing the same kind of strength, by not pushing myself harder to reach the goal that i've set.
i guess i need to think positive - after all, i still have three weeks to go. so i'll keep battling on, & i'll let you know how it goes...

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


there have been some changes & additions to the prize pool - here's the revised prize list, with some truly amazing things to be won!! i'll keep taking sponsorship donations up until the end of the day on 8th june 2008 (run day!!) & will draw the prize winners on 9th june - for each £5 of sponsorship money you donate, you get one entry to the prize draw.

dee at posh yarn has donated a whopping 500 grams of emily, a 4ply (sock weight) yarn made from 80% lambswool, 10% angora, 10% cashmere, with 360 yards per 100g. the yarn will be dyed to whatever colour the winner chooses - have it all dyed up in one batch & knit a beautiful sweater, or choose five different colours & knit yourself a drawer full of new socks!

posh yarn

katharine at K1 Yarns has donated a prize so gorgeous that i'm tempted to sneak my own name into the prize draw - a kit for one of her new K1 designs, "waverley" featuring habu yarns. this kit includes not only the pattern (size options from 34"-44" bust) for katharine's beautiful sweater, but also all the yarn you'll need to knit it (habu shosensi (linen paper yarn) & habu stainless steel/silk blend yarn). this prize has a value of roughly £70!!!


anne at knitspot has donated three separate prizes, each for a gift certificate to her pattern shop worth $10. she's got so many gorgeous designs, you'll have a hard time choosing just one pattern - from amazingly intricate lace shawls & stoles to quicker projects like fingerless gloves & stunning socks, anne's shop has everything! i'm a self-confessed knitspot fan & have already knitted three of anne's shawl patterns, so i can vouch for how great the patterns are - & my birthday's in july, so you could always spend your gift voucher on me!


renee at goddess knits has donated at $20 gift voucher to her online pattern shop - there are some truly stunning patterns there!!

goddess knits

jen at fyberspates has donated an amazing £50 gift voucher to her online shop, so you can pick whatever you like from her yarns! my favourite is her dk weight "scrumptious", a blend of BFL & silk which she dyes up in gorgeous colourways:

fyberspates scrumptious

natalie at the yarn yard has donated a month's membership to her "sock club plus" - this gets you 100 grams of her variegated sock yarn, plus 100 grams of her solid sock yarn, in exclusive club colourways - look at her beautiful colours!

yarn yard sock

val at actual size creations on etsy is donating a super-cool knitter's messenger bag, custom-made just for this prize draw in the race for life colours (blue & pink). you can check her site for other views of her messenger bags, but here's a sample pic of one of her bags, with room for all your needles & tools:

messenger bag

kat at paper & yarn on etsy has donated a set of her cute stitch markers, which will be custom-made for the winner with whatever words they want. you can check out her etsy site to see some of her work, but here's a sample pic of some of her markers:

stitch markers

jennifer at know knits, home of the go knits pouch, has donated a fab prize of a set of three go knits pouches (one in each size - small 8"x6", medium 11"x8", large 13"x11").

go knits pouch

& molly at nerdclub2000 on etsy has donated two separate prizes, each for a set of gorgeous stitch markers, that she will custom make for the winners! here's a pic of a sample set, & you can see more of her work in her shop.

nerdclub2000 stitch markers

plus, i've dug deep into my own precious yarn stash & come up with a couple of tempting prizes as well! first, a skein of handmaiden sea silk in colourway "midnight":

lace - handmaiden sea silk

handmaiden sea silk is a 2-ply weight yarn with 100 grams & 400 metres per skein, & is a blend of silk & seacell (a fibre made from seaweed!).

and, to get you hard-core sock knitters drooling, i've convinced myself that this is a good enough cause for me to give up a precious skein of the elusive wollmeise sockenwolle, in colourway "dani":

wollmeise dani

wollmeise sockenwolle is 100% superwash merino - and once you've knitted with it, you'll never want to knit with anything else!! the skein has a whopping 150 grams & 575 yards (i've made two pairs of socks out of one skein before).

& last, but by no means least, is this beauty:

swallowtail shawl detail

it's a swallowtail shawl, knitted by me in my own old maiden aunt 2-ply silk/cashmere hand-dyed in a one-off colourway, & decorated with sparkling beads. it's a small-ish shoulder shawl, perfect for wearing over a summer dress, and the silk/cashmere fibre blend is just luscious.

so how do you get a chance to win one of these amazing prizes? simple - follow the links in the sidebar to donate on my race for life sponsorship page, or send me your sponsorship donation via paypal to tigerlilith AT hellokitty DOT com. then, email me at thepenguinruns AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk to let me know that you've sponsored me and that you want to be entered into the prize draw (this step is very important!!). each £5 donation gets you one entry to the prize draw - so the more you donate, the better your chances. please donate before the end of the day on 8th june 2008 - i'll be drawing prize winners on 9th june!!