Sunday, 10 February 2008


well, that about sums up the first week of training - i don't think i'd realised just how out of shape i am. i love that phrase, by the way - "out of shape" - like i was "in shape" before & i've just stepped out for a minute. alas, that phrase is completely misleading - i've never been "in shape". or at least, i've always been in just this shape - that is, a little lazy & a little overweight, & definitely more brain than brawn.
the first week of the training program consists of three workouts, each with a five-minute warmup walk, followed by repeating 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. & seriously - 60 seconds of running, when you haven't run since - well - ever, is pretty painful! i'm already feeling a little down about the whole thing, and am starting to worry that i've taken on too much.
it can only get better, right?


TangledFrog said...

Oh, no...don't get discouraged! I started working out when I was 33...started with "Sit and Be Fit" on PBS for post-menapausal women. Could only manage 10 minutes of the 30 at first and was sore from my hair to my toenails for the first 8 weeks. (Sad but true.) If you can run 60 seconds, you are in far better shape than I was 7 years ago!! Hang in there!!

soCherry said...

Hey :)
Hope it's feeling a bit better by now - you can do this!!
Cheering you on
Elaine x