Tuesday, 5 February 2008

like a penguin, but slower

i'll be participating in the race for life on 8th june 2008, in memory of my lovely dad, who died from lung cancer on 1st march 2001. & although running comes as naturally to me as flying does to a penguin, i'm determined not just to participate, but to run the whole 5k.
you can help!! sponsor me to do the run & raise money for Cancer Research UK by following the link in the sidebar. and if you need more incentive than the thought of me running for 5k, here it is:
i'll also be running a prize draw to boost my fundraising - for every £5 you donate to sponsor my epic run, you get one entry into the draw (so if you donate more, you get more chances to win!!). make sure you email me (thepenguinruns AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk) to let me know that you've donated, and how much, or else i won't know to add you to the prize draw! i'll be approaching folk that i know to ask them to donate to the prize pool, and so far, there are already some truly gorgeous prizes on offer from some truly generous people....
i'll be keeping track of the prize pool here, as well as letting you know how my training is going, so keep checking back for the latest news! and if you'd like to donate a prize, or know someone who would, please feel free to email me(thepenguinruns AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk) !!

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